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Ruan Lumphu Resort

    Ruan Lumphu is a small family owned resort in a very relaxing and peaceful setting, located near enough to Bangkok to make the journey itself seem peaceful, but far enough that you feel you have left the city far behind.
    Immerse yourself and sooth your soul in the deep green jungle of ancient Siam, travel the river and explore it's hidden secrets by boat. Go fishing or explore the wilderness and observe the wildlife this diverse eco-system offers. Come to Ruan Lumphu to leave your troubles behind and be renewed.
    How to find us:
    The new airport is close to the resort. There are several ways to get to Ruan Lumphu, it's very simple to use the railway system, or you can take the Number 907 bus, or you can drive from Bangkok to Chonburi by taking the main 304 road for about 45 min beginning in Minburi to Chachoengsao (Pad-Rew).

Tel:( 081 )484-3750



1. Open only in the weekend Friday-Sunday.This price will end of October 2009:
Price :
Ruanlumphu 1. Price /room/night limit 6 persons 3,000 Baht
Ruanlumphu 2. Price/room/night limit 4 persons 2,000 Baht
This price include Breakfast and Dinner
Remark: If stay than limit charge 200 Baht /person/night

New Price:Begin on November 2009 :Friday-Sunday
Program 1:
Ruan Lumphu1. Price /room/night limit 6 persons 3,500 Baht
Ruan Lumphu2. Price/room/night limit 4 persons 2,500 Baht

**In case if more than limit:
we charge 200 Baht /person/night.
** This price included :
Breakfast (Coffee,tea) and dinner (Dinner we have 3 kind of food if want more order pls, let us know before when you booking.)
Program 2:Friday-Sunday
*** Ruanlumphu1. Price 3,000 Baht with out dinner.
       Ruanlumphu2. Price 2,000 Baht With out dinner.    
Other Program :

1.For persons whom want to visit on Monday-Thursday after work .Pls, call us before will visit.

Open only between 16:oo-20:00 Pm.
**charge 200 Baht /person This price not included food.

Program :

2.In case of private trip with out group in the weekend
 Ruanlumphu 1.Price 700 Baht /person
 Ruanlumphu 2.Price 600 Baht /person.

**Included Breakfast

Remark: All these programs not open for walk in.If want booking pls, call before 1 week check in.

1. Pls, call for booking before 1 week.And after when you booking pls, confirm us before check in 3 day .In case if anything change from your side.

2.Tranfer money to this account:
Yupar Kanjana
Krungthai Bank ,
Saving account:231-1-02789-1
Branch :Bangnumprieo

Remark: if client want order special food.We have to charge that menu.

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Welcome to Ruanlumphu...wish you enjoy and relaxing time ..
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